Savoring a Century: Robertsons Spices Hosts Extravaganza to Celebrate 100 Years of Flavor Mastery

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  • Experience the epitome of culinary excellence as Robertsons, the leader in spice blends, commemorates 100 years of flavor innovation. From delectable dishes to mesmerizing entertainment, the Media Launch event at Mábu Restaurant was a celebration like no other.
  • Beyond its unparalleled spice expertise, Robertsons emphasizes the power of food to unite communities. The event brought together media representatives and influencers from diverse culinary backgrounds to honor the brand’s rich heritage and its enduring commitment to quality.
  • Guests had the opportunity to engage with Robertsons’ blending expertise firsthand at personalized stations, creating their unique spice blends. Renowned chef Nti’s presence added a touch of culinary sophistication, underscoring Robertsons’ dedication to empowering consumers to explore the endless possibilities of flavor.

Mzansi’s premier spice purveyor, a centenarian in the art of flavor fusion, recently marked a historic milestone in style. On April 16th, 2024, amidst the refined ambiance of Mábu Restaurant in Waterfall, Robertsons, the unrivaled maestro of spice blends, hosted an exclusive Media Launch event, epitomizing a century of culinary excellence.

Under the genial guidance of esteemed comedian Mpho Popps Modikwane, the evening unfolded into a tapestry of festivity, gastronomic wonders, and a nostalgic journey through time, echoing the very essence of Robertsons’ ethos.

A vibrant tapestry of media luminaries and culinary influencers converged to pay homage not merely to Robertsons Spices’ illustrious legacy but also to its unwavering pursuit of quality and its profound impact on global kitchens. Yet, beyond the spices themselves, the celebration underscored Robertsons’ deep-rooted belief in the power of community, recognizing food as the universal bond that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds.

“We are immensely proud to mark this significant milestone in Robertsons Spices’ history,” said Andiswa Ndebele, Brand Manager at Robertsons Spices. “For a hundred years, our brand has been at the heart of kitchens worldwide, inspiring culinary creativity and enhancing the flavours of countless dishes. The Media Launch provides us with a unique platform to express our gratitude to our loyal customers, media partners, and influencers who have contributed to our success.”

Amidst the opulence of the affair, the Media Launch stood as a testament to Robertsons’ enduring commitment to flavor innovation and culinary inspiration. Guests were not only treated to a feast for the palate, featuring dishes infused with Robertsons’ signature blends, but were also serenaded by the rhythmic beats of Kelvin Momo, DJ Kent, BASMNT, and Fif Laaa.

Further enriching the experience, attendees were invited to partake in the art of blending at personalized stations, where they could concoct their unique spice blends—a tangible symbol of Robertsons’ dedication to empowering consumers to explore the realm of flavor.

Renowned chef Nti, a luminary in her own right, graced the occasion with her culinary prowess, offering heartfelt praise for Robertsons’ century-long commitment to mastering the alchemy of spices. Her presence lent an air of culinary sophistication, further elevating an already illustrious event.

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