Savoring Seaside Serenity: Unveiling smul’s Culinary Delights at The Nines

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  • Oceanfront Indulgence: Discover how smul’s launch event unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of the sea, offering guests an immersive experience of culinary delight amidst breathtaking vistas.
  • Taste Sensations: Dive into the sensory journey experienced by attendees as they sampled Smul’s consciously crafted health foods, with highlights including the irresistible Brown Rice Sorghum Teff Cakes and Cocoa Almond Protein Bar that captivated even the busiest of individuals.
  • Beyond the Plate: Explore how smul’s launch event transcended the ordinary, blending gastronomic excellence with environmental consciousness, setting a new standard for health food brands in both taste and sustainability.

In our fast-paced world, where the pursuit of health-conscious choices clashes with the demands of busy schedules, a fresh solution has emerged. Enter smul, a pioneering food brand offering a delectable array of nutritious, plant-based meals and snacks designed to seamlessly integrate into any moment of your day.

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Recognizing the struggle individuals face in maintaining healthy eating habits amidst the chaos of modern life, smul has crafted a lineup of products aimed at simplifying nutritious consumption. Whether it’s breakfast on-the-go or a quick dinner fix, smul is there to bridge the gap between convenience and wellness.

Diverse in its offerings, smul caters to every palate and preference. From a selection of protein powders to tantalizing protein bars and hearty granola options, each item boasts innovative flavor profiles that promise a delightful culinary experience. Soon to launch are ready-to-heat meals like Lentil Ragu and Tikka Masala, ensuring that wholesome eating is always within reach.

Central to smul’s ethos is a dedication to excellence and transparency. With ingredients sourced locally from trusted suppliers, every product is a testament to quality, devoid of artificial additives or unnecessary fillers. Clean, wholesome nutrition is the cornerstone of the smul experience.


But smul is more than just a purveyor of health food; it’s a catalyst for positive change. By offering plant-based alternatives, smul empowers consumers to make choices that benefit not only their well-being but also the planet. Furthermore, through the smul foundation, a portion of sales goes towards supporting social and environmental initiatives, inviting the public to join in shaping a better world.

Years of meticulous research and development have culminated in smul’s distinctive flavor profiles, distinguishing it from other health food brands. With a minimalist aesthetic and clear packaging, smul ensures that vital nutritional information is readily accessible, simplifying the shopping experience for consumers.

In a landscape inundated with options, smul stands out as a beacon of health and sustainability, proving that nourishing your body and nurturing the planet can go hand in hand.

Amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the sea, the smul team extended a special invitation to Dannywired, welcoming him to an enchanting venue for the official launch of their brand. Against the backdrop of crashing waves and salty air, the spotlight shone brightly on smul’s consciously crafted health foods, captivating the senses of all attendees.

As guests mingled and savored the ambiance of The Nines Restaurant, it was the tantalizing flavors of Smul’s offerings that truly stole the show. Even for a fast-paced individual accustomed to skipping meals, the allure of smul’s Brown Rice Sorghum Teff Cakes and Cocoa Almond Protein Bar was irresistible. Each bite offered a symphony of taste and texture, leaving a lasting impression that transcended the ordinary culinary experience.

“We are passionate about health and wellness in our business. smul is the culmination of three years of intense product development, with some productions having gone through 50 iterations just so we could nail the right taste, the right nutrition profile, and solve our customers’ needs,” said Eric Labuschagne, Managing Executive, smul. “It’s special for us to finally be here and hold a product that’s great for your body and tastes amazing too,” he added.

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