A decade challenge

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South Africans took to social media this past weeks to share their #decadechallenge posts and because we too didnt want to miss the wave, we decided to ask a few of our friends how their journey was the past 10 years.
Speaking to most of our friends about their journey, we found that it was hard for them to reflect back as some tried to bury their past and for some life went by so fast and forgot to live in the moment.

Here are some responses from our friends.

Zanda Zakuza – South African award winning singer songwriter.

A decade ago, I had just discovered my singing voice and today I’m touring the world using it to entertain and teach at a professional level. I am proud of my younger self for putting a plan in place and my older self for executing it.
My greatest achievements over the years include WINNING SONG OF THE YEAR, INTERNATIONAL AWARDS (AFRIMA & AFRIMMA), WEST AFRICA TOUR, BEING THE VOICE OF UKHOZI FM the biggest radio station in Africa.
I have stayed true to myself, setting trends without derailing from my initial vision. I want to be a world recognized singing superstar. That was the plan 10 years ago and It’s somewhat being executed 10 years later.


Museeq IQ – South African singer

The decade has brought a lot maturity and serious music industry experience. Also fatherhood 😁 is the highlight. Greatest achievement would be releasing my debut album The Music Vault 8.0 after 5 years delay.

Queenah – SA hip hop artist

From the start of the decade ive pushed myself to become the best version of me. From climbing up the corporate ladder in the beginning of the decade and eventually becoming management at a leading commercial radio station. To opening 2 successful businesses and eventually taking the decision to pursue my God given calling of being a performer towards the end of the decade. ( A decision which is starting to slowly bear fruit with God’s grace) This decade has truly been confirmation to me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

My biggest challenge has been life itself. Life is not short of challenges. They come in different forms and can often deter you from the bigger picture. Coming to terms with the face that life will throw you curve balls in the midst of you giving it your all is a tough pill to swallow. But my faith has taught me that life never promised to be easy, but if you put your faith in God he will direct your path.

Lection- Motswako Hip-Hop superstar
I released two albums. Shot 9 music videos. Did multiple features that have music videos too. Worked with HHP, Kwesta, Speedy and Stoan from Bongo Maffin, Tuks Senganga, Fifi Cooper, Nadia Nakai, Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana, Notshi, DJ Cleo, DJ Dimples, Brian Temba, Tswyza just to name a few. I’ve done quiet a number of CSI/Outreach programs in my city/province and worked with multiple schools. Did projects with Coca-Cola. Standard Bank and other various projects with departments in the government.

Pila Pelo – Etv Morning Show Production manager:

It’s so weird I haven’t really looked back🤦🏽‍♀. But if i can really think hard about the last 10 years,wow. Its been hard fun and sad also. I was doing my 2nd year in varsity and i was such a young not to sure what to major in, naive and ambitious soul. I never invisioned working in such an enviroment where do to but for sure Television & advertising were my interests. I decided to go into advertising and got an internship at Bongwe and in my thrid year i fell pregnant and boy was it hard but i passed.

I got my first job and it was different but i realised that TV was a space i wanted to go into. What it has taught me is to trust your own creativity and your own ideas and not everyone you meet is going to look out for you and that everyone you meet is going to want the best for you. I never used to trust my ideas no matter how great they were. I’ve learned not to be gullible and I have learned to love myself. It really has been an interesting journey. and i look forward to the next 10. I definitely want my own production company and creating more… That’s my passion

Siyabonga Msomi also known as DJ Worldwide – Radio Presenter and content producer of Vibe FM 94.7

This decade has been really good to me and i managed to achieve a lot in the entertainment industry. I got a prime time slot on Vibe FM and bookings as an MC have really kept me busy, I also won a Best Radio Presenter award via Live Your Dream. Lastly i have been approached by a local academy to come and teach radio next year.


James Moroeng – Fashion designer and CEO of James Presents

My brand has seen some challenges but my eagerness and tenacity are what have kept me going. I’m grateful to have people specific family and friends who have been rooting for me. I’m also learning to navigate through my lows state of (depression) by looking to the light and how far i’ve come. It’s hard at times but solitude has proven to be so therapeutic. I’m hardly around people of late so i have derived gallons of job in finding about myself a lot more.


Njabulo Zulu – celebrity hairstylist

10 years has been a great experience for one, well starting of by doing hair using those plastic fibers, to moving on to 100% human hair. My skills have grown beyond belief. Learning how to deal with different clients and building a client, stylist relationship has made me a different person than before. I’ve created a brand that is trusted by all sorts of people from different economical groups. In the 10 years I’ve touched lives of celebrities and normal people as well. I still have so much more I wanna learn, there is still room for growth and more things to be created.The feeling of knowing that I’ve have made someones day by making then look amazing, is priceless. It’s a feeling that I can’t get over.


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