Lungisa Xhamela releases new visual.

Johannesburg 17 April 2020 – Lungisa Xhamela is set to release visual from his smash hit Yiza Sambe which will be going live on today Trace Africa. The single “Yiza Sambe” features Manu WorldStar and is the third single off his debut album “My Heart to Your Soul”. For those we are not familiar with Lungisa Xhamela, he shot to fame on popular television show Idols South Africa back in 2015 where he reached the Top 8 in Season 11

YIza Sambe was produced by the duo Mr Luu and MSK. “Yiza Sambe” has a hint of amapiano influence but remains soulful keeping to Lungisa’s musical style whilsts Manu Worldstar brings his signature African influence to complete the ensemble. The video depicts an essence of first-time love and its efforts to impress.

“We had so much fun recording “Yiza Sambe! The vibe in studio was electric! Most of all I enjoyed returning to dance music and showing my diversity as a vocalist” says Lungisa.

We had a chat with Lungisa at Dannywired headquarters and this is what he had to say.

Describe Lungisa in 3 words.
Perfectionist, love, fun

Tell us about your musical journey?
Well i starting singing in church round about when i turned 9 years and shortly after i started singing solo, from there i was drawn to RnB and Soul.
The first stage i got onto was in 2010 – SA coca-cola pop stars was big back then and i always loved the show, i think the majority of us wanted to be on the show, on the show i made it to the group stages. From there i entered a competition at the Ragazzi Lounge in Long Street Cape Town where i lived. Then Idols SA happened, it was a bigger stage and there was more publicity through the show. I didn’t enter the competition to win but i just wanted the best results.

Who motivates you?
Most definitely my mom, she is my biggest supporter and on my album there is a song dedicated to her titled MAMA.

Would you say debut album was a personal album?
It surely is, the title of the album is called My heart to your soul. Basically the album is about all the things i have experienced in love and i feel that the album will be a personal album for those who listen to it.

Tell us your single and the video.
Yiza Sambe features Manu Worldstar and Mr Luu MSK and it is track 6 on the album. I believe it is a amapiano dance track banger.

Tell us about shooting the video.
The day of the shoot was alright. The set was not too busy, so we were able to get through the scenes seamlessly.

What was the concept behind the video?
The concept behind the shoot was based on my idea of being on a vacation/ a get away. The song is titled Yiza Sambe meaning Lets Go, so the music video shows that we we’re on a yacht at and we’re partying.

What was challenging about putting the video together?
I’d say a challenge on set definitely was light. We were not getting enough sunlight. Fortunately, Bruce from Pilot Films, with his experience, managed to get the best out of the not so good weather conditions.
As the day went by, energies got a bit low, but we pushed through and did our best to capture a good project.

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