Right on the first Women’s Crush Wedneday of Women’s month, the long awaited music video for Berita’s number 1 single Jikizinto premiered on youtube at 7am. The hashtag #JikizintoVideo is trending top 5 on twitter, Berita’s fans are delighted. The stunning music video also debuts across TV music channels throughout the day.
 Watch the music video for Jikizinto below

“Jikizinto” from Berita’s album Songs in The Key of Love, loosely translated means that things will turn around. The story of the song is about a woman waiting for her long lost lover to return home so they can make amends where they fell short. In the verses Berita is sad and longing for her loved one to return home, in the chorus there is a sense of optimisim that things will turn around as he returns home. 

Berita’s delivers a stunning performance looking directly into camera. Colourful shots, animation and styling are contrasted by moody scenes in a gloomy setting. This is a way of communicating the abrupt transitions that take place in order for things to change in situations that require heart over mind. 

The music video was directed by Onkabetse Mtshweni from WOW Factory. All scenes were shot on green screen under strict adherance to the level 3 lockdown regulations.

Jikizinto is one of the top 10 most played songs on radio for the year thus far. The video drops just as Berita is about to release her follow up single, “Siyathandana” featuring Amanda Black.