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If you were not doing the pouncing cat dance this year – you surely have been living under a moist rock.2019 has seen the rise of Amapiano which took South Africans by surprise opening the doors for the likes of Kabza de small Leehleza, Jobe London and Zero12Finest but to name a fewFrom its piano-based riffs, vocal incorporation and quirky twist on Deep House; the youthful, growing genre is a go-to for party playlists. With its eye on the charts and ear to the streets.

Universal Music releases a fresh compilation of the biggest Amapiano breakout hit singles of the year titled The Spirit of Amapiano Compilation. Over the 15 tracks, we get a taste of the rhythms that have kept the charts occupied and streets grooving. With dance-inspiring beat breaks, catchy melodies and infectious refrains, this is the essential collection of South Africa’s most popular genre at the moment. From Semi Tee’s ‘Labantwana Ama Uber’ with its viral dance routine and Vusinator’s earworm in ‘Gigabyte’, to Bizizi and Kaygee DaKing’s infectious ‘Kokota’ featuring Killer Kau – these are the soundtracks that are sure to make it a memorable South African summer.



Featuring the sounds of SPHEctacula & Naves, Leehleza, Jobe London and Zero12Finest, this compilation takes a deep dive into the ubiquitous sound of Amapiano. On it, Vigro Deep’s ‘Untold Stories’ meets the catchy C’buda & Miller cut ‘Irish’ alongside other selections to add to your December playlist.Curated to capture the spirit of the summer, this is a dance-friendly listen with the cream of the crop on the Amapiano scene getting their due recognition.

With a selection of songs to get you into a party mood, Universal Music’s The Spirit of Amapiano Compilation highlights such bangers as Kelvin Momo, Luu Nineleven & DJ Stoks’ ‘Yelele’, BitterSoul’s ‘Susan Amabhodlela’ and trailblazer DJ Stokie’s smash hit ‘Ama Internaional’.

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