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Soweto 23 April 2021 – As many businesses closed down due to the nation wide lockdown, Ralton White, Antonio Mathye and Vonani Mashla saw an opportunity within the food and drinks sector. Since many night clubs have been banned to operate due to the curfew hours – this sector became wide open for take for those operating during the day. Engadini Lifestyle which is situated at GoG Protea Glen officially opens tomorrow with a their grand opening celebration which will host the likes Sir Trill, Stokie, Vusinator and many more.

Last Saturday the team treated media, friends and family to an experience of what Engadini Lifestyle is.

We got to chat t Vonani to find out more about the venue

When people visit Engadini Lifestyle, what experience do you want them to have?

People who come to our venue will automatically be considered as family. We want people to know our staff by name and feel as if they matter which in reality all our customers matter whether you are buying a platter and a single beer or you are spending tens of thousands, there is no customer too important or a customer who deserves less of an experience. We are also situated at a place where a lot of festivals and parties happen so we want people to have a second place to go relax after dancing the night way. We are not just an festival venue but a lifestyle venue so we want people to come unwind whether they are from work or want to take time to relax over the weekend.

What is it risk opening now during a pandemic?

Our biggest risk would have to be having the government shut us down because we would have lost on our investment but the risk was worth taking as many spots have closed down and we aim to bag those customers.

How are you keeping people safe?

Safety was our biggest concern when we were setting up the venue. Firstly Engadini is well ventilated, secondly we do not let anyone in without a mask. We have strategically placed sanitizers around the venue to ensure that people can sanitize where they are going to the bathroom or ordering a drink by the bar, there are also sanitizers at every entry point. As for our seating arrangements – our tables have have been placed at a safe distance but all in all we are following the covid-19 protocols.

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