Digital health start-up, Quro Medical, signs landmark deal with leading hospital group Life Healthcare

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Quro Medical is proud to announce an investment from Life Healthcare to further drive their mission of leveraging technology to improve the well-being of others. 

•         Life Healthcare has invested in Quro Medical (a digital health start-up) to offer technology-enabled care for persons needing medical care at home.

•         Patients are monitored at home using ‘telematic tech’ with in-person health professionals on call when needed.

Johannesburg, Tuesday, 24 August 2021 – Life Healthcare, a leading international healthcare organisation and Southern African private hospital group has invested in digital healthcare company Quro Medical to provide persons with a technology enabled way to access high-quality healthcare at home – when they need it.

Quro Medical, Africa’s first tech-driven healthcare at home company, use healthcare technology to analyse real-time data to monitor patient health – giving persons who need constant healthcare monitoring, outside of acute hospital care, an option to be assisted remotely and get the support they need.

Life Healthcare Group Chief Executive, Peter Wharton-Hood says: “The ongoing strain on the South African healthcare system during the pandemic has highlighted the need for digitally-enabled home-based healthcare solutions. Our people-centred approach has encouraged us to think of new and innovative ways to further serve our patients outside of our hospital service offering, continuing to live our purpose of making life better. We can therefore continue to treat patients who don’t require further in-hospital care, but need monitoring, while making additional in-hospital resources available for those who do. Our shared passion for improving healthcare in South Africa makes our new partnership with Quro Medical purpose-driven. We look forward to providing this digital healthcare solution to our patients in the near future”.

According to Dr Vuyane Mhlomi, Quro Medical’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, data-driven clinical interventions demonstrate incredibly good outcomes for patients. “When you’re able to be further assisted in your own home, your recovery and healing is accelerated.” Mhlomi adds that Quro Medical go beyond traditional tele-health. “Patients get safe, world-class treatment with 24/7 monitoring in the best place to continue healing: at home. We’re excited to leverage Life Healthcare’s vast hospital experience with our home-care expertise to give patients affordable access to at home medicalservices”.

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