Voguish Marquee Goes Off-track

Johannesburg 11 November 2021 – When the country went into hard lockdown last year, fashion designers and event hosts were left in the dark with no plans as to what is to follow the hard lockdown. Round about the time when the president made the official announcement, plans for the Durban July and Gauteng Summer Cup went right out the window but this year with South Africa being on Alert Level 1, the Voguish Marquee took the opportunity to host an off track experience like never before which is set to be hosted at Mall of Africa Rooftop, Johannesburg on Sunday the 5th of December.

Dannywired got to have a brief chat with businessman and one of the main people being the success of the Voguish Marquee -Mogau Seema and this is what he had to say.

Out of all the venues why did you choose to host this experience here?

” First of all I think it is a classic venue, its a truly a beautiful venue and i give it a 6 star rating but besides that it is very central. Mall of Africa is very central if you are coming from anywhere in Gauteng and the fact that we can host this event at a very safe venue currently due to the covid regulations. There is a good support system were events supports are concerned and as well as a very good access to the security.” said Seema

This years theme for the Voguish Experience is titled  “Bad & Boujee” which essential means that the assignment for the day is to look like the rich aunt and uncle who drinks only the finest liquor on offer. Speaking of liquor, be sure to have your taste buds seduced by the finest DESS sparkling wine which is still new to the market. With such a theme one need a “Bad & Boujee” hosted and Voguish has announced that Somizi will be the host the day via their social media platforms

Out of all the brands you could have chosen to work with what was so special as DESS?

“The DESS collaboration was so natural and this wasn’t the first time we are working with them, they have been out partners for the past ten years and have been in the event spaces longer than we have. When we announced the Voguish marquee they were the first people to call us and informed us that they wanted in, not only to pull our resources but to they wanted to buy 15 packages where they could host their clientele. We are very excited to have them on board and for what they have done for us” said Seema


  • 4 Seater Cocktail – R5000.00

This package will get you 4 tags, cocktail / café seating, a meaty platter and a R2400 bar tab.

  • 6 Seater Cocktail – R7500.00

This package will get you 6 tags, cocktail / café seating, a meaty platter and a R3500.00 tar tab.

  • 8 Seater Lounge – R10 000.00

This package will get you 8 tags, a premium lounge seating, a premium lunch platter for 8 people and R5000 bar tab.

  • Draped Villa / Pergola R15 000.00

This package will get you a Lounge seating, meaty platter, a dedicated waitress service, a special electronic photo book, branding rights in and around the villa, along with a R7000 bar tab.

  • 20 Seater Premium Lounge  (R20,000)

This is the package which in books is the most affordable package if a large group of friends is planning on attending the off track experience. This package will get you a 20 tags, a premium lunch platter which includes seafood, a dedicated waitress service for the day, special electronic photo book, a meet and greet with the performing artists and a R8000.00 bar tab.


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