Creative Studio Sessions, Powered by TuneCore, Contributes to the Development of the Bustling SA Music Scene

A creative hub that connects artists with industry professionals, to elevate their craft and gain valuable insight into the music industry.  

Mzansi’s music and art has evolved to become a fusion of striking audio masterpieces that capture the country’s unique cultural identity. From artists who have left an indelible mark on the global music scene to a new generation of vibrant and budding creatives who raise the sound bar with every release – it seems no one can get enough of the talent that exists within our region. 

To nurture and promote the ripe music talent that exists in the industry, digital music aggregator, TuneCore, partnered with creative hub, Flame Studios, to develop  ‘Creative Studio Sessions’ –  a 4-day networking and mentorship workshop that provided a broad spectrum of independent  upcoming artists with the necessary skills to excel in their craft, showcase their skills and build their profiles. 

The sessions were held at the Flame Studios in Johannesburg and included: 

Production and programming: The process of creating and arranging music using software and hardware tools, including digital audio workstations, synthesizers, and more. Artists got to experience the manipulation of sounds, creating beats, melodies, and harmonies, and arranging them into a cohesive musical composition.

Project management: Planning, organizing, and overseeing the various tasks involved in the completion of a music project. 

Songwriting camp: A creative process of composing lyrics, artists got to develop their own sound and style.

Recording and facilitation: The progression of capturing and refining music in a studio setting. Those attending the sessions worked with various guest artists to achieve their desired sound, by editing and mixing recordings to create a final product.

Each of these areas taught a specific skill set and, depending on the artist’s interests and career goals, aimed to complement the already booming dynamic local music landscape. 

Sio, Joda Kgosi, Mpho Sebina Reba Red, Tom Saison, and MOONGA K. are some of the artists that led the workshop, while producers Phonikz, John Lundun, and FDeezusmanaged the creative and technical aspects of the music production.

To find out what unravelled, who was present and the vibes that flowed, visit the TuneCore Instagram page for more.