Patron drip in Converse Swag As They Celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary at Back to The City

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  • Brand Converse showed a huge presence at the festival this past Saturday with various design being spotted in the crowd
  • Bosting 100 rappers, 40 DJs and 13 graffiti artists – the festival showed true testament that hip-hop in South Africa is still a beloved genre in Mzansi

South African music culture has evolved over the year with Hip-Hop once being the leading genre in Egoliwood but over the last couple of years Amapiano has since taken the world by storm with artists like Cassper Nyovest Khuli Chana to Costa Titch and Reason hopping onto the amapiano wave.The year 2023 marked the golden jubilee of a cultural revolution that has shaped music, fashion, and society as a whole – Hip Hop. And what better way to celebrate this milestone than at the iconic Back to The City festival, where the essence of hip hop is brought to life in all its glory. This year, fans and artists alike paid homage to this genre’s rich history by dripping in Converse swag and sipping on Patron, taking the festival experience to a whole new level. This past weekend 17th annual HIP HOP festival “Hennessy Back to the City” which took place at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown, has Johannesburg on a chokehold by celebrating all things hip-hop from the music fashion to the culture. Hip hop, born in the Bronx in the early 1970s, has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has evolved into a global phenomenon, impacting everything from music and dance to fashion and social activism. This remarkable journey was celebrated with enthusiasm and passion at the Back to The City festival in 2023, which featured a lineup of legendary artists, emerging talents, and hip hop enthusiasts from around the world.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars have been a vital part of hip hop fashion for decades. These classic sneakers, known for their versatility and timeless design, have become a symbol of authenticity and self-expression within the culture. At Back to The City, attendees showcased their individuality by rocking a wide array of Converse styles, from the classic black and white high-tops to vibrant, limited-edition collaborations with hip hop artists.

Converse’s enduring popularity in the hip hop community can be attributed to their simplicity, comfort, and the fact that they complement almost any outfit. Whether paired with baggy jeans, tracksuits, or streetwear-inspired ensembles, Converse shoes have proven time and time again to be a perfect match for the hip hop aesthetic.

Image Credit: Arthur Dlamini

“Converse has always had a special relationship with Back To The City, as the ethos of both brands are about the culture that has shaped hip hop lovers’ taste through music, fashion and sport through basketball. These partnerships are important as they present a platform for like-minded people to engage in a space that allows them to be themselves and collectively enjoy the space. Converse is thrilled to have been part of such a monumental moment in celebrating 50 years of hip hop.” said Converse SA Marketing Manager, Tebogo Motlhamme.

Here are some comments from this past event


Legend HAVOC …R.I.P PRODIGY. Motherland


is too much!


Drip toooo hard!!!!

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