Commemorating The Memory of Lucky Dube

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Latest Edition – Johannesburg, 20 October 2023

Remembering Lucky Dube: A Musical Legacy that Transcends Time

On Wednesday, October 18th, 2023, South Africa and the world at large commemorated the 16th anniversary of the untimely passing of one of the country’s most iconic musical figures, Lucky Dube. In tribute to this legendary artist, Gallo Music is set to pay homage to his profound impact on the world of music over the next two weeks.

Lucky Dube, in a remarkable career spanning 25 years, graced the music world with 22 albums that carried a powerful message of societal awakening. Beginning his journey as a Mbaqanga artist, Dube later embraced reggae as a vehicle to break down racial barriers through his music and lyrics. His songs resonated with messages of hope and unity, effectively bridging divides not only within South Africa but also across the African continent and the globe.

In a poignant twist of history, Lucky Dube’s tragic passing in 2007 occurred just two days before the Springboks secured victory at the Rugby World Cup in France. At that time, South Africa was grappling with pressing issues related to crime, and President Thabo Mbeki believed that the Boks’ triumph would serve as a fitting tribute to Dube’s memory.

Fast forward to 2023, with the Springboks once again competing for rugby’s ultimate prize in France, we witness the realization of Dube’s vision of a nation embracing its diversity. The transformation within the Springbok team reflects the progress South Africa has made since the dark days of apartheid. Captain Siya Kolisi and his teammates, drawn from diverse backgrounds, receive unwavering support from the nation’s populace, symbolizing the embodiment of Dube’s message, as heard in songs like “Together As One” and “Different Colours, One People.”


Lucky Dube’s music continues to resonate across social, political, and cultural landscapes, his lyrics echoing through time. “The time is right now in South Africa for people to come together,” he proclaimed years ago, a call to unity that rings more important than ever as the nation rallies behind the Springboks.

As we remember this musical legend, let us also remember his words from “Different Colours, One People,” a song that continues to inspire unity across borders and generations:

Different colours (One people)

Different colours (One people)

Hey you government, never try to separate the people

Hey you politician, never try to separate the people.

They were created in the image of God

And who are you to separate them

Bible says He made man in his image,

But it didn’t say black or white.

Now is the time to kick that away

Join me in my song

Differеnt colours (One people)

Differеnt colours (We are one people)

Hey you government, never separate the people

You politician, never try to separate the people here

Hey man, hey man, never try to separate the people

Some were from America – We were from South Africa

Some were from Japan – We were from China

Some were from Australia – We were from the UK

Some were from Zimbabwe – We were from Ghana

Some were from Jamaica – We were from Russia

Some were from A-ha-ha-ha…

Differеnt colours (One people)

Differеnt colours (One people)

Differеnt colours – We are one people

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