Mall Uses Design Feature To Highlight Marine Conservation

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  • Artistic Oceanscape: Explore a captivating three-tiered staircase adorned with a mesmerizing array of marine species, serving as a poignant reminder of the splendor and fragility of our oceanic ecosystems.
  • Environmental Advocacy: Embark on a journey of awareness as Cornubia Mall illuminates the crucial role of oceans in sustaining life on Earth and underscores the imperative of protecting marine biodiversity amidst escalating pollution threats.
  • Interactive Engagement: Join the movement to safeguard our seas by participating in the #CornubiaSeaStaircase social media campaign, where patrons capture moments of reflection and stand a chance to win coveted prizes while spreading the message of ocean conservation.

Amidst the escalating threat of oceanic pollution and the intensifying strain on our marine ecosystems, one establishment has leveraged its infrastructure to illuminate the imperative of safeguarding aquatic life. Anticipating World Oceans Day on June 8th, the esteemed Cornubia Mall in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, has inaugurated a captivating ocean-themed art installation adorning a three-tiered staircase.

Nestled within the nucleus of the center’s Town Square enclave, adjacent to Nu Metro and Bounce, and nestled beneath the gastronomic allure of the food court, this staircase spectacle is a visual marvel, showcasing a breathtaking panorama of marine biodiversity. Among its intricacies, one can discern the graceful contours of turtles, the majestic glide of manta rays, the playful dance of dolphins, the kaleidoscopic hues of tropical fish, the silent grace of sharks, the elusive presence of octopuses, the delicate beauty of coral reefs, and the ethereal charm of sea anemones. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this installation serves as a poignant reminder to patrons of the resplendence and fragility of oceanic ecosystems, some of which lie a mere stone’s throw away from the mall’s premises.

Encompassing over 70% of the Earth’s surface, oceans are indispensable to terrestrial life. They exert a profound influence on weather patterns, purify the atmosphere, sustain global food chains, and provide sustenance for countless livelihoods. Teeming with a cornucopia of life forms, from minuscule algae to the gargantuan blue whale, the oceans are veritable crucibles of biodiversity. Yet, they bear the brunt of inordinate pollution, with a staggering 80% of contaminants originating from terrestrial sources. Presently, these vast aquatic expanses serve as repositories for approximately one-quarter of anthropogenic carbon emissions, precipitating alterations in surface water pH and engendering acidification. In addition to chemical pollutants and debris, the deleterious impacts of fossil fuel emissions, offshore drilling activities, and anthropogenic noise pollution pose existential threats to marine fauna and flora alike.

Recognizing the insidious nature of our contribution to oceanic degradation, Cornubia Mall endeavors to rekindle public consciousness regarding the pivotal role of oceans in planetary well-being, and the urgent imperative to safeguard the plethora of life forms that inhabit these aqueous realms.

Patrons are cordially encouraged to capture moments against the backdrop of the staircase installation, and share these mementos across social media platforms, utilizing the hashtag #CornubiaSeaStaircase for a chance to win coveted prizes.

Previously, the staircase bore witness to an art installation featuring a monochromatic motif, which, when viewed from specific vantage points, engendered mesmerizing optical illusions.

For further insights into Cornubia Mall, including trading hours, tenant establishments, and upcoming events, please peruse the mall’s official website or engage with its social media handles.

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