Teksi Ride SA officially launched

Johannesburg, South Africa – In a dazzling display of innovation, Teksi Ride, the pioneering E-hailing  platform, marked its official South African debut on September 20th, 2023, in Halfway Toyota in  Fourways, Johannesburg. The evening bore witness to a spectacular gathering of industry stakeholders  and dignitaries, making it a momentous occasion. 

The event welcomed a prestigious lineup of guests, including Mr. Sizwe Mvubu, Chairperson of  SANTACO Meter Taxi, Mr. Thato Ramaila, Chairperson of Soweto United E-Hailing, Mr. Abnar Tsebe,  President of SANTACO, and the honourable presence of Former South African President, Mr. Jacob  Zuma. Mr. Abnar Tsebe emphasized the importance of safety and compliance in the e-hailing space, and  the willingness of SANTACO to work together with Teksi Ride in ensuring all Teksi Ride drivers are  complaint, and safe. 

The proceedings commenced with a compelling speech by Londi Mbedzi, Director of Teksi Ride,  expressing gratitude and setting the tone for the evening. Attendees were not only treated to the  unveiling of Teksi Ride but also a captivating panel discussion that delved into the intricacies of the E hailing industry and technology, spearheaded by tech expert Prince Pirikisi. 

Teksi Ride is poised to launch its services across several provinces, including Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal,  Eastern Cape, Free State, and Mpumalanga, officially commencing operations on October 1st, 2023. As  the platform prepares for this significant expansion, it is actively registering drivers and guiding them  through comprehensive training and vetting processes focusing on their system’s safety features and  procedures, as well as customer service. 

In her address, Londi Mbedzi reaffirmed Teksi Ride’s mission to bridge gaps within the South African  transport industry. She stated, “The Teksi Ride app is here to address the prevailing void in the South  African transportation sector, especially in the areas of safety and reliability. Our primary goal is to offer  safety and exceptional service to South Africa. Our systems offer a built-in panic assistance system that 

will help ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers. We also have a 24/7 contact centre, giving  our drivers and riders peace of mind whenever they may need our help” 

The evening was punctuated by not only insightful discussions but also electrifying entertainment.  Attendees were treated to a sensational performance by a live band and the mesmerizing South African  Afro-soul singer, song writer, Donald whose soulful melodies resonated with the crowd. 

Former President of The Republic of South Africa Mr. Jacob Zuma commended the Teksi Ride team for  taking the initiative to come up with solutions to the challenges of e-hailing drivers and users in South  Africa, instead of waiting on someone else to find a solution. He also highlighted to potential of South  Africa and South Africans, in being able to not only solve their own transportation challenges, but the  transportation challenges of the world across road, sea and air transportation. 

As the platform prepares to revolutionize the E-hailing landscape, it pledges to remain committed to its  core values of safety, reliability, and convenience for all South Africans. The Teksi Ride app is available  for download on the App Store for Apple devices, and Google Play Store. Drivers can sign up and register  by downloading the Teksi Driver app which is also available on the Apple App Store for Apple devices,  and Google Play Store. 

About Teksi Ride 

Teksi Ride is the dawn of a new era in South Africa’s transportation landscape. Born out of the need for  safer, more reliable, and convenient urban commuting, Teksi Ride is poised to change how South  Africans move. Teksi Ride is a proudly South African e-hailing platform poised to transform citizens’ daily  commutes. Its mission is to provide South Africans with a modern, efficient, and affordable  transportation solution that caters to their every need. Whether it’s a passenger looking for a safe,  stress-free ride or a driver seeking flexible earning opportunities, Teksi Ride is here to serve them. 

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