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2019 has seen South African really going back to their roots and embracing their natural hair. One individual who really broke the statue quo of what true beauty is happens to be our very own Miss South Africa ”Zozi Tunzi” turned Miss Universe a few weeks ago. Zozi won the two beauty with brains pagents with her natural hair cut in a German style.

Zozi recently spoke to Trevor Noah on the Daily Show about her hair and this was what she had to say “I would get comments from home where people would say ‘she’s so underwhelming and a downgrade’. I once posted a photo from my flat at home and someone commented saying the photo is so black. The post said it is as black as you, Miss Ugly South Africa. I laugh about it now. This is my hair. Why don’t the same people tell other people to put on a weave?” Miss Universes statement has really hit home for a lot of black because for a lot of woman, they only identified europeans standards of beauty to be the only acceptable beauty standards.

Keeping up with the spirit of black girl magic , 17-year-old Kealeboga Matsafu was crowned Miss Teen Queen of the Globe for 2019, she too sported black braids commonly worn by black girls. The Miss Queen of the Globe International pagent for those who might not have heard of it is the brainchild of pageant organiser, Limakatso Makutle, and features 35 contestants in the three categories of Little Miss Queen of the Globe (ages 4 to 12), Miss Teen (13 to 17) and Miss Queen of the Globe (18 to 28). Contestants gather from India, Panama, Brazil, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, Liberia, Ghana, South Africa and the host nation, Lesotho.

From Zozi to Sho Madjozi who has sported her colourful braids which have cause so much problems from mother all arounds South Africa to Berita who made Bantu Knots a serious trend this year, ladies continued to sport their natural maines.
Here are some snaps of ladies who stood out and celebrated her natural maines.

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