Bongeziwe Mabandla’s iimini album debuts at #1 on iTunes SA

Black Major artist Bongeziwe Mabandla, took the coveted number #1 spot on iTunes SA across all genres this weekend, with the release of his third album, iimini

Mabandla’s latest accolade comes as no surprise as music critics and fans alike have pegged iimini to be one of 2020’s finest musical offerings and the album is set to expand Mabandla’s growing global audience.

Other highlights from Mabandla’s iimini release this past weekend include impressive charting on the R&B/Soul genre charts throughout the world, including #1 in Botswana, #2 in France, Switzerland and Austria, #3 in Netherlands and an incredible #23 in the massive US market.

“This is a ray of sunshine in South Africa’s first weekend of lockdown! When COVID-19 broke, and all tours and live album promotion events were cancelled, we were desperately disappointed because so much hard work had been put into making this release a success. Perhaps we shouldn’t have worried? Fans all over the world have tuned in, streamed, downloaded, posted and sent literally hundreds of messages,” shares Sevi Spanoudi, Black Major Director.

iimini takes listeners on a journey of love through a cycle of 12 songs from the day of first meeting to the heart-breaking end.

Stream or download Mabandla’s iimini globally here:

Track listing:

·         1 Mini Esadibana Ngayo (#001)

·         2 Masiziyekelele (14.11.16)

·         3 Salanabani (13.8.18)

·         4 Ndanele

·         5 Zange

·         6 (9.2.17)

·         7 Khangela

·         8 Jikeleza

·         9 Ukwahlukana (#027) ft. Son Little

·         10 Bambelela Kum (4.6.18)

·         11 Isiphelo (#Untitled)

·         12 Ndiyakuthanda (12.4.19)

Follow Mabandla, @BlackMajorSA and @WeArePlatoon on social media to keep up with his album release and stream iimini today –

Connect with Bongeziwe Mabandla:

Facebook: @BongeziweMabandlaOfficial

Twitter: @Bongeziwe

Instagram: @BongeziweMabandla

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