Popular South African hip-hop duo BCH HTL (Beach Hotel) have released their new single “Don’t Trip” on the 12th of February 2020.

“Don’t Trip” is evidently a song with a vibe, their sound on this song is upbeat trap like hip hop. The duo wrote “Don’t Trip” during lockdown, the inspiration or connection of the song came from them subconsciously trying to relive and reminisce about nights out with their friends. “The song feels like a night out”, say the duo.

“We’ve been sitting on this song for almost a year now and we’re super keen to finally have people hear what we’ve been working on. We’re also looking forward to keep providing good music” say BTCH HTL.

Listen to Don’t Trip below

The talented duo has been working on new music for a while and say they are extremely excited to finally be able to show their supporters the music they have been working on.

Stay tuned to BCH HTL’s social media activities for their single promotional activities.

Download “Don’t Trip” on the following digital platforms: http://africori.to/donttrip

Follow BCH HTL online:

Instagram: @bch_htl

Facebook: @bchhtl

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