Find yourself through music with BillyDon’s debut EP “Lost & Found”

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Johannesburg, Friday, 5 2021 – Amapiano Artist/Performer whose love for music started when he was 8 years old, comes full circle with his debut EP, Lost & Found, which sees himself and others, find themselves through music.

Through his 5-track EP, BillyDon tells us about his journey indulging in a life of crime to being a music muse through Lost & Found.

“The narrative behind Lost & Found is based on how I was lost in a life of crime and wrong doings on the streets before music saved me. It’s an Amapiano masterpiece that features songs for different vibes packaged into one project that will definitely shake the streets,” shares BillyDon.

Stream or download BillyDon’s debut EP, Lost & Found, here:

The EP is targeted at any African who has grown to like the authentic Amapiano sounds. BillyDon fuses a bit of Hip Hop, Kwaito and Bacardi beats to make sure it appeals to different people with various tastes of music.

Breakdown of the songs:

Ama 2000

It’s a song that differentiates the vibes between 80’s/90’s and the 2000’s from dance moves, fashion and Lingo and how they carry themselves.


It embraces the dance style of people placing beers on top of their heads whenever Amapiano plays. It’s a people’s anthem.

Di Flop

It’s BillyDon’s personal story, before making music he was involved in crime and had lost his way. He speaks of all the mistakes that he used to do and how he has since turned to music and it saved him.

Touch Touch

It’s about a couple getting kinky and having fun. Touching each other and being open to their sexuality without feeling embarrassed.


A song about a humble person who turns crazy when the good music plays then they would do anything to have fun then regret it the next day.

BillyDon shares his story through music as an inspiration to the youth, to those who want to make a difference in their lives and are held accountable by their communities.

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Connect with BillyDon:

Facebook: BillyDon Mokantas

Twitter: @ BillyDon_Mokantas

Instagram: @ BillyDonMokantas

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