Live your dreams with Jabzz Dimitri’s new single “Iphupho” featuring Kuhle

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 Johannesburg,  – All-rounder musician, DJ, producer, and event organiser, Jabzz Dimitri, reminds people to constantly keep dreaming until it becomes a reality with his new single titled “Iphupho” featuring Kuhle.

“Iphupho” meaning “the dream” talks about how we constantly live each day to see “The Dream” that we continuously work towards daily.

Jabzz Dimitri shares: “Iphupho is a constant reminder to keep going until the dream becomes a reality. It is inspired by destiny… that one day, the dream will come true.”

He adds: “I’d like to dedicate this track to all music lovers, specifically those who believe that their dreams are valid and it’s just a matter of time till they come true.”

The Afro-House song with great melodies and vocals that complement the drums and percussion, gives a strong message of hope, and reminds everyone how valid our dreams are if we believe.

Jabzz Dimitri’s “Iphupho” featuring Kuhle is now available to stream and download on all major digital platforms here:

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No stranger to the motif of optimism in his music, Jabzz Dimitri’s “Iphupho” followers his recent release “A Prayer”, a spiritual and uplifting song aimed towards relieving and ending the world’s suffering and all that continues to impact the world as we know it.

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