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Johannesburg 14 April 2022 – Proudly South African brand Drip, popularly known for being more than just a sneaker through its fast paced take on trends and collaboration – is excited to announce a new range of lux fragrances inspired by fashion, music and growing urban trends.

Expanding on its excellence, Drip fuses a variety of sensory ingredients to create this captivating new range in fragrances, adding beauty to their brand of fashion & footwear through key collaboration; Drip proudly introduces Finesse.

Finesse by Drip is launching two fragrances namely ARION for Him, and RUBY for Her. ARION is an alluring scent with a spice and wood offering. A beautifully layered experience for senses rife with a natural sensuality and timeless masculinity. RUBY is a fragrance that meets fashion and culture with top notes that are bright, fruity and sweet. It gains its sensuality for and seductive nature from the amber and jasmine notes, ideal for a woman who want to leave an unforgettable and irresistible trail. The two fragrances tell a beautiful love story that of our muses Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle.

Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle star as the leads in the Finesse campaign as they embody and carry the essence of this new brand. They have undeniable chemistry that make them one of Mzansi’s most loved and celebrated couples. As individuals they set the decks on fire and turn heads with their fashion sense but are a true force as they unite to work together for the first time as the official spokespeople for Finesse.  On collaborating with this trailblazing local brand, the couple said, “We both love a phenomenal success story, especially a South African story!  For us the Drip brand really embodies black excellence and as business owners, We are inspired by the work they are doing to expand their portfolio with Finesse.”

Launching the new fragrance, newly appointed CEO of The Drip Group, Lekau had this to say about Finesse – “At Drip we are always looking at innovating the brand to make the future a reality. Through our meticulous dedication to collaboration, we have created this range and we’re proud to introduce two new perfumes to trendsetters across the country.”

Collaboration is at the heart of the Finesse campaign as the brand sought creative direction from TV Personality and award-winning rapper, Moozlie to bring the new Drip fragrance range to life behind the scenes. The rapper directed Murdah Bongz & DJ Zinhle on set & consulted the brand on the overall look & feel for Finesse. On working with the couple as muses for Finesse Lekau said “Recognised individually for being standout musicians with statement fashion trends, and together as dynamic love duo – we chose Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle as Drip Finesse muses because they both embody the essence of the brand and the scents presented in ARION and RUBY. The scents complement each other effortlessly just as they do too.”

Finesse will be available in South Africa retailing at just R599 both online & at selected Drip stores from Thursday 14 April 2022.

Dannywired had a chat with Lekau Sehoana about all this Drip and this is what he had to say:

When we talk about drip we can only think about all things stylish and opulent, what does drip mean to you?

Well for me drip means inspiration, it means the township dream, it means looking beautiful and going after your dreams.

From the township of Tembisa to world, did you ever envision being where you are today?

YEAH, i mean i failed for 16 years but i never stopped, each and every time i started a new business i knew that at some point one of them is going to takeoff and it will inspire other people as well so i have always know that one day i’ll make it big.

You are known as the sneaker guy but have skipped caps and T-shirts and went straight to the fragrance market. What is Finesse?

Finesse is the final touch of drip. You know when you are looking nice and you are dripping and now you say “what do I do”? You look for that perfect scent which will accommodate and put the final seal of approval of the outfit.

We went into that space like how we went into the space of shoes, you are going to see other people coming up with fragrances because we are trying to be the leaders of the industry. We didnt want something which everyone can simply do. We wanted to create a movement which will inspire other people to create their own fragrances. If you think about it, now everyone wakesup and says I want to create a fragrance.

Photography Credits: Desire SekoImages from Launch

Photography Credits: Maverick.Seizure

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