From Europe to Jozi! – Ntosh Gazi x Chukido x Chaista x Soul Barbie – City of Gold

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From the streets of Europe to the City of Gold, Ntosh Gazi teams up with the best is the game Chukido, Chaista and Soul Barbie, giving us a sound of
elegance and style. Here is the single City of Gold let us indulge in elements of sophistication. Ntosh Gazi aka Mr John Vuli Gate is back from his Europe and UAE tour, without wasting time he went straight to the studio to pay homage with this single as a reminder of where all the magic began. This song titled after South Africa’s flashy city introduces us to a lifestyle of glam filled with everything great and lavish, a description of luxury, and it touches on the soft life that we all love and need.

The intro brought to us by Chukido is such a perfect start to the song as it is an announcement as well that the best fashionistas have entered the building and are about to shake the table, followed by Chaista who introduces us to his husky voice bringing a different feel and sound to the song showcasing the flexibility of his talents. Soul Barbie is the only female holding it down on this song bringing sass and glam giving the song a complete hit single feel! If you ever wondered what glitz and glam sound like, then this song is for you!!

We had a chat with the hit makers of City Of Gold and here’s how it went down!

What is the City of Gold?
It is the core source of our life’s aspiration. It is the manifestation of Johannesburg’s primary ideology. It is our voice to the world to inspire greatness and the spirit of great achievement. It is our song of victory against all odds.

Tell us about your collaboration with Bogart?
We, Chaista, Ntosh Gazi, Soul Barbie and Chukido, really love Bogart Man. Our collaboration with Bogart Man was inevitable because that is exactly what we all wanted. We, the four collaborating artists agreed to align ourselves with a really strong fashion brand like Bogart Man. We needed an amazing wardrobe and they were the perfect brand for us. Image is not everything, but it really goes a long way if you get it right, especially in the music industry. We did our research, discussed some ideas and then laced our verses on the beat. After a several weeks after having dropped the song, we got a call from Bogart Man. The told us how much they liked our song, so much so that they were willing to sponsor our music video and wardrobe.

Could we see Collaboration with the brand?
Yes. It is highly likely. Anything is possible.

Out of the latest collection, what is your favourite piece?
As much as I like everything from the Bogart Man Gold Collection, my favourite piece is the Bogart Man Gold Lining Jacket. I love it because it has what I like to call a Big Golden Ticket on the front, literally above my heart. Metaphorically, this is a ticket to the best life possible. A life that comes from sheer hard work, focus, sacrifice, dedication and passion. This jacket is to me what the red cape is to Superman. It’s the most comfortable and warmest item in my wardrobe. Here is the product link below, Thank you so much.

Connect with Ntosh Gazi
Instagram: ntoshgazi__
Twitter: Ntosh_Gazi

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