Johannesburg, South Africa – Thursday, 8 September 2022 – MZEKEKEKE’S LEGENDARY ALBUM NOW AVAILABLE ON STREAMING PLATFORMS

When it comes to disruptors in South African music, no one could ever come close to the impact made by Mzekezeke. The masked artist came in the game as a character that was comically taunting celebrities and would soon morph into one himself through Kwaito music. Izinyoka, his sophomore project, had him successfully proving that he was not a fluke, as the project was jam packed with hits such as the title song, Izinyoka, which featured Brown Dash, 51 Cent, Sash and Manando, with the latter three becoming officially known as Izinyoka, a Kwaito group that was signed to TS Records, the same stable as Mzekezeke.

Considered by many to be a classic, the album boasts 17 tracks such as Fosta Njengo Mzekezeke, Mzeke I’m Scared of You and Ezisnaks. It goes without saying that even to this day, Izinyoka serves as a timeless soundtrack to the streets.

Mzekezeke a South African Kwaito performer, DJ and radio character and legend.The genius was known to be from brought into the world in Tembisa in a group of six kids and is prominently realized by his brand name veil and orange in general. The notable anonymous man behind the cover, Mzekezeke has forever been known to be DJ Sbu, genuine name, Sbusiso Leope among fans. The two keep on denying the cases and demand that they are two distinct people.


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