Open up the industry – eReality on Openview’s BRAND NEW reality shows.

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Johannessburg eReality on Openview launches 3 new local reality shows this weekend, 15 & 16 April.


This show follows the stories of people who have been deceived by various types of swindlers.

This is from fake businessmen, fly by night colleges, internet scammers, to those being swindled by lovers and dealerships that sell stolen cars.

Victims of modern-day scams share their experiences and highlight contemporary methods of how they got swindled and provide audiences with tips and tricks to protect themselves from scam artists.

Painful moments shared on screen. Every Saturday, 7:30PM on eReality.


No one should have to die for love. Sometimes it takes family intervention to leave a toxic relationship.

When it comes to love gone wrong, are you willing to listen to family’s intervention?

Umshiya Nini? is a reality intervention show that will see families intervening in the relationship of a relative where they believe the one person needs to leave because the relationship is toxic, harmful and a potential danger to the other person.

Love should never hurt! Period! Catch this show, every Saturday, 7PM.


Would you let your mother chose your girlfriend?

The show is based on the belief that a mother knows her son best and is therefore best suited to help him find the perfect partner. The show’s unique format allows the mother and son to work together. The show is fun, engaging, and ultimately aims to help the son find true love.

Each episode of Wife Material is self-contained, featuring a new mother-son duo. The show starts with a brief introduction to the mother and son, their relationship and their past dating experiences. Then, the mother and son watch three introduction videos of the three potential “girlfriends”.

Will the mother find her son, the love of his life? Every, Sunday – 7:30PM.

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