IMACSOUL Unleashes His Musical Magic with “USHUNI WAM” – A Captivating New Single Set to Mesmerize Audiences Worldwide

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Johannesburg 27 October 2023– IMACSOUL, the dynamic and highly acclaimed New-Age Maskandi artist, is back with a mesmerizing musical creation titled USHUNI WAM is bound to take the world by storm. The Nongoma based singer songwriter has once again pushed the boundaries of New-age Maskandi music.

“USHUNI WAM” is more than just a song; it’s a sonic journey that showcases IMACSOUL’s extraordinary talent and his unique ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly. With an unmistakable fusion of genres and a distinctive sound that defies categorization.

IMACSOUL’s journey in the music industry has been marked by innovation and a constant drive to create something that stands out in a sea of mediocrity. “USHUNI WAM” is yet another testament to his commitment to originality and artistic expression. The single is a bold step forward in his musical evolution, and it promises to connect with a wide and diverse audience.

Join Imacsoul on an unforgettable musical journey through the heart of the African music scene. In his smash hit single, ‘The Dove of Africa,’ Imacsoul weaves a heartfelt tale of his adventures in the music industry. With his electrifying guitar, he pays a vibrant homage to Kwa-Nongoma, creating a fusion of sounds that’s both soulful and electrifying. Get ready to dance from dusk till dawn as ‘The Dove of Africa’ takes you on a festive, rhythm-infused ride you won’t want to miss. Immerse yourself in the beats and melodies of this chart-topping sensation and let the music carry you away.

Listeners can expect to be transported into an ethereal realm where every note, beat, and lyric paints a vivid picture. “USHSUNI” weaves a musical tapestry that resonates with emotion and captures the essence of life’s rich and diverse experiences. The song’s evocative lyrics and haunting melodies will leave a lasting imprint on the hearts of all who hear it.


Here are some comments on Ushini Wam

Nkosenhle Thusi


Somlaba KaNzobo II

Asambe Juba lakwethu

Thabatha Mngomezulu  

Khuphuuuka lapho nkabyam


All the best nkabi 


Ngafika bebaningi ngadlala ushun wami

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