Nomisupasta’s Musical Renaissance: A Symphony of Satire and Song

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  • MAZWAI IS BACK and It’s fine

Johannesburg – Enter the stage with a twirl of laughter and a sprinkle of satire, for Nomisupasta, the vibrant spirit among the Mazwai sisters, graces the music scene once more! Oh, rejoice, for here she is, our cherished songbird, weaving tales of wit and whimsy through her melodies.

Behold, as she unveils her debut anthem “Maybe I,” a timeless ode to womanhood echoing through the ages. And now, on this International Women’s Day, she returns with a new symphony, “It’s Fine,” a melodic revelation on femininity, confidence, and the dance of modern romance. In her world, equality reigns supreme, and while hearts may flutter, women emerge unscathed from the whirlwind of love.

Ah, the single life, a labyrinth of trials and tribulations! “It’s rough in these streets!” Mazwai jests, her laughter echoing through the cityscape. But fear not, for “It’s Fine” encapsulates this sentiment, cleverly crafted and utterly entrancing.

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Since her return to the studio, Mazwai has embarked on a journey of musical rediscovery, finding solace amidst the chaos of emotion. And oh, how refreshing is her sound! “It’s Fine” promises to captivate, much like its predecessors, joining the ranks of Nomisupasta classics.

So, on this International Women’s Day, spread the word! Tag a friend who needs a reminder to embrace the moment. For “It’s Fine” is not just a song, it’s an anthem for joy, for fleeting moments cherished in the here and now.

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And mark your calendars! Nomisupasta awaits at Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers on the 7th of March, where merriment knows no curfew. Ignore that pesky subconscious, dear friends, for in the world of Nomisupasta, it’s always fine!

Lehlohonolo Melato

Lehlohonolo Melato is a passionate music aficionado hailing from Lesotho, who also doubles as a skilled entertainment and lifestyle writer

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