Mpumalanga Province Hosts Tourism Expo And Strengthens Its Triland Partnership

Last year, we were privileged to be among the select few media outlets granted the opportunity to explore Mpumalanga province during the Tourism Expo. This initiative, which began in 2021, has shown remarkable growth since its inception. With over 34 exhibitors on the floor, 14 hosted buyers and tour operators, and an additional tourism seminar tailor-made for high achievers, Mpumalanga province has truly dedicated significant efforts to ensure that both local and international guests receive exceptional value for their spending within the province.

Since its inception and its continuous contributions to the Triland partnership, Mpumalanga has welcomed over 1.2 million guests into the province for both business opportunities and leisure. The third annual Mpumalanga Tourism Expo is hosted at the Riverside Mall in the City of Mbombela, Mpumalanga Province and will continue till the 01 October 2023.

We have seen a lot of growth in our expo from stating in 2021 where we had 26 exhibitors and 7 hosted buyers and tours operated which we have invited from different  provinces to come and check what tourism products are on offer. Last year the number of exhibitors grew from 26 to 30 and we have 12 hosted buyers. This year we have 34 exhibitors on the floor and we have 14  hosted buyers and tour operators.” Says Xolani Mthethwa Chief Executive Officer of Jakada Holdings.


The Mpumalanga Tourism Expo is hosted in partnership with the Mpumalanga Tourism & Parks Agency (MTPA). The expo serves as a platform for tourism recovery and the promotion of tourism in the Mpumalanga Province and South Africa as a whole.

This tourism expo also plays a pivotal role in regional tourism integration, particularly with Mozambique and the Kingdom of Eswatini, in line with the Triland initiative. Triland encourages visitors to enjoy breakfast in Mpumalanga, lunch in Eswatini, and dinner in Mozambique.