Every child’s behaviour can be tied to a decision made by their parent or guardian. Thisweek’s NESTLÉ NESPRAY’s Level Up Their Immunity Campaign encourages parents of children who are 5 years and older to take action by providing their children with opportunities to exercise. According to the World Health Organisation, exercise is a subcategory of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, and aims to improve or maintain one or more components of physical fitness.

Benefits of regular exercise include stronger bones, heart and muscles; a leaner body; healthier growth and development; better outlook on life; and improves classroom concentration. One of the recommended ways to get kids to be more active is to limit the amount of time spent in front of a television or phone screen. This means parents need to set strict guidelines and encourage their kids to do more physical activities. Child experts
recommend that school-going children should at least get 1 hour or more of moderate physical activity daily.

Kids love it when their parents play with them and this not only creates an opportunity to bond but it is also a great way to learn their personality; what they like and what they dislike. Research shows that most kids do not mind a daily dose of exercise as long as it is fun, therefore it is important for parents to always come up with new ways to make fitness a fun and exciting routine; from household chores to a 20-minute walk.
In addition to exercising, a daily glass of NESTLÉ NESPRAY FortiGrow which carries all the minerals and nutritional benefits needed by children between 5 – 14 years will ensure that your child is physically and mentally ready for school.

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