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From Bushbuckridge to the small screen – Musa Nyathi (23) has finally put together a body of work which is set to be release on our small screens on the 3rd of April 2021. Pizza Box is a feature film which was created and produced by Nyathi via his production company MIN PRODUCTION. The film which is shot in Bushbuckridge is about a pizza delivery guy who works at a Pizza Restaurant hired by his uncle. Pieter gets sent to deliver a very “special pizza box” written CONFIDENTIAL. The film takes a twist as Pieter navigates being new on the job and dangers which come with it.

Dannywired had a chat with the excited film-maker and this is what he had to say about Pizza Box.

Musa Nyathi

Why was it important for you to tell this story?

So much happens in South Africa and I personally felt it was time to tell an authentic South African story from the crime, the drug addictions which some of our youth suffer from and the dangers of doing a simple job.

Who did you work with, who helped you in the process of making the movie a success?

I worked with a lot of people,the crew was a lot but a friend of mine named Mike Morgan helped me produce the film since i have my production company which is min production,he has Miktec Media, so he helped me in terms of co-producing and on the financial side my dad moses nyathi whose a cameo on giyani land of blood  helped as the executive producer of the film.

How was the journey to producing the movie? What challenges did you come across? How did you overcome these challenges?

It took us 4 sleepless nights to film pizza box, there were quite a few challenges as this was my first film and I filmed it while I was still at school, so some of the challenges we faced is that some of the actors were new actors so they delayed the set, some would look at the camera while we shooting so we had to start afresh, how i overcame the challenges is i showed them how this thing is done I understand they don’t have a platform here at home so I have to be patient with them and take them thru the steps as i was also once a beginner, and whoever carried me along the way of learning the art of acting taught me to pass it on to the upcoming ones.

Who does the movie talk to? Who are your intended audiences? What message does the movie carry?

This movie actually talks to people with day to day problems (financially) and ends up borrowing money from illegal loan sharks,it doesn’t always end well,and not to forget the youth.

Our target audience is anyone from the age of 16 to 50 years 

The movie carries a lot of messages but the one that stands out the most is that do not take the law into your own hands, the loan shark was trading illegally he ended up being arrested for illegal trading and for taking the law into his own hands when he couldn’t get paid the money he was being owed.

Abednico Mabaso

What would you like to say to aspiring actors and movie-makers in Bushbuckridge?

“Acting is being” whenever you deliver a line make sure it feels real to you,thats how your audience will relate,make sure you research because acting is simple but it’s not easy.Go to youtube learn about it if you can afford go to school coz there’s alot of technicalities when it comes to acting,so grow your craft by learning.

Film making requires a lot, it needs proper planning, the industry is very political. It’s either you are that good/you know someone who can recommend you to the big guns so you can showcase your skill or you will have a long way to go. but lucky enough we have YouTube where we can have our own channels and own our content.

How or where can people get access to the movie?

The Movie is coming out on the 3rd of APRIL 2021 EXACTLY @23:00 ON CAPETOWN TV, which is will air on DSTV CHANNEL 263.

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