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Johannesburg, Saturday, 22 May 2021 – Herschel Snyders, famously known as HERSH, is a 24-year-old songwriter and producer hailing from Grassy Park, Cape Town. HERSH’s immense talent was discovered at the tender age of 15 when his friends encouraged him to enter a high school talent show. Growing up, he pursued a career in professional football but never signed. Living with regret, he turned to music as his therapy, which later turned into his ultimate passion.

The Cape Town born newcomer, Hersh, debuts his new single ‘Enough’ off his upcoming EP ‘Peace Of Mind’. Hersh announced early this week that he joined the Sony Music Entertainment Africa Family. “At first I thought that it can’t be true, but when I saw the signature at the bottom I thought it was legit. I sent them some of my music, they loved it, I went through a whole process and I got signed. Literally from an email.”

HERSH’s music takes us on a journey of his own life. Honesty is a major influence in his music and he aims to show his fans and followers his truth. His new single ‘Enough’ is one of his favourite songs off the EP and launches the pre-order for his EP ‘PEACE OF MIND’ dropping in June. ‘What I want to achieve with this EP is for Cape Town to shine,” said the talented singer.

Pre-order Hersh’s EP, ‘PEACE OF MIND’ and get his new single ‘Enough’ here.

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