Brutal Fruit Celebrate It’s 21st Birthday

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Johannesburg – Brutal Fruit Spritzer has been a brand focused on encouraging confidence by  affirming the women of South Africa that they can be bold and beautiful. Constantly reminding them that they belong in every room that they walk into.  

To celebrate Brutal Fruit Spritzer’s 21st birthday, the brand launched new Litchi  Sèche variant. This liquid offers bright and bubbly sophistication, a perfect sparkling  blend of golden demi-sec refreshment. 

The 21st birthday was hosted at Summer Place in Hyde Park. As far as events go,  this was a once in a lifetime affair of splendour conducted by Pamela Mtanga as  the MC with Ayanda MVP on the decks and Gina Mabaso and Dudu Makhoba  (Vocalist). To commemorate this milestone, the brand introduced the Open To  Belong campaign which is here to invite all women into our world. To show women that Brutal Fruit Spritzer is the undoubtable drink of choice for elevating special  moments with girlfriends. 

“It goes without saying that it is remarkable achievement that Brutal Fruit Spritzer has been at the heart of creating memorable connections among women for 21  years. We are so proud that to have navigated the many changing times and  trends over these two decades whilst remaining focused on delivering enjoyment and bold flavours to our beautiful women. The brand is stronger than ever before  thanks to our consumers. An we are so excited to celebrate this milestone with the  launch of the Litchi Sèche. Today will go down in memory another splendid moment where we inspired women to make genuine connections that made 

them feel included in every way” – says Ramona Kayembe Head of Brand, Brutal  Fruit Africa. 

The exquisite showcase opened new experiences for our women as they saw  themselves connecting with leading influencers such as MBALENHLE M (from the  wife) REFILWE MODISELLE, THABSIE, THABEE HAPPY, MATHAPELO, SINOVUYO AND  Lexie.  

This is an invitation to open to new experiences whether they are big or small. To  open your mind and think big, then bigger knowing that the world is your oyster.  This is an invitation to open our new Litchi Sèche and celebrate with us. Here’s to  the next 21 years of unparallel elegance.

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